Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamps were a big deal a few years ago with a plethora of raved reviews. The fad has gone down but the benefits of salt lamps are still legitimate. Authentic salt lamps are gorgeous pieces that can make your air cleaner, reduce electromagnetic field radiation, produce a warm light, and are cost effective. You should look into getting one for your most used indoor spaces, living rooms, or offices.

Cleaner and purer air

According to scientific research, environments with high percentages of negative ions are healthier for you and make the surrounding air clearer. Areas with running water and mountains for example have high amounts of negative ions; and it is common knowledge that natural settings such as those are beneficial to everyone. Negative ions bound to pollutants and allergens, weighing them down and making them harder to breathe in. Imagine breathing easier and inhaling better air thanks to a small device that you do not even have to manipulate. Salt lamps are hollow so you can put a small lightbulb or candle inside of it and you are set. The lamp will work on its own. With the existing source of light, the lamp warms up and automatically emits negative ions into the air.

Electromagnetic field radiation reduction

All technological devices (for example computers and cellphones) produce electromagnetic waves. Though there are no conclusive investigations it is thought that these waves could produce harmful effects in your persona. Salt lamps help cancel this out so you can feel better being around your electronic devices.

Salt lamps are mined from natural resources like the Himalayas or other reclusive areas. Imagine a natural salt structure that can harmonize your environment. Spending prolonged hours with technology is usually unavoidable, but now you can reduce electromagnetic field radiation. Do not hesitate in buying one. Your nose and lungs will appreciate it.

Cost effective

This is a simple addition to any household or work office that is cost effective. Salt lamps are smaller and cost a fraction of what high-end air purifiers do. If you are trying to reduce your exposure of harmful resources, why buy one? Salt lamps are one hundred percent natural and can only offer you benefits. They come in a beautiful color that ranges from a salmon to orange glow with a unique structure. Some are carved to make even more amazing figurines. You can easily shop online for them and have them delivered to your front doorstop.

Night-light effect

Along with the following benefits you can get a warm glowing night light effect that will soothe your soul. The light is not intense at all and gives off a calm energy that can be experienced as soon as you step in the room. You can use it in your kid’s room to help with nighttime fears at the same time you are purifying the air he breathes.

Last thoughts on salt lamps

Getting a Himalayan salt lamp will let you take advantage of the above benefits and give you peace of mind. You will spend less than the fancy air purifier, saving you money and an outlet space. With the purchase of a salt lamp you can get a beautiful and unique piece of work as an addition to your home décor.

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