Chauffeur Driven Irish Pub Crawl Road Trip From Limerick to Dublin Via Galway

If the sight of a bottle of beer tingles you, you may want to try an Irish pub tour on your trip to Ireland. Not only do you get to sample some of the best Irish liquors, you also get to have a lot fun, listen to and dance to Irish music and make new friends. This in addition to the breathtaking natural beauty you will experience as you journey.

Different Irish pub tours come with different packages, duration and itineraries. Chauffeur Driven Irish Pub Crawl Road Trip- Limerick to Galway and Dublin is a type of Irish pub tour. It is a six day drive from Limerick to Dublin touring various attractions as guests sample liquor served in given pubs along the way. It’s designed for a group tour.

The itinerary looks like this:

Day 1.

The chauffeur and the professional guide pick up tour group members at Shannon Airport. The first stop from the airport is the UNESCO listed world heritage, the Cliffs of Moher. The group can take the 800m walk on the pathway and get breathtaking view of the Atlantic and the surrounding landscape as far as the Aran Island.

The group is then taken to a hotel based in Limerick where they can relax and refresh for the evening. As it gets dark, the first beer crawl gets underway. The Dolan Pub is a popular spot. The guests are treated to live music performances as they drink.

Day 2.

The second day begins with a northbound drive destined to Galway. Along the way, the guests get to see the Burren. This is a wondrous bedrock of cracked limestone thought to be formed as a result of erosion. The terrain is hilly and rocky with cliffs and caves. An interesting sight.

By the afternoon, the guests are checked in in a Galway hotel. Note that Galway will be the base the two nights before setting out to Dublin.

The guests are then chauffeured to Western Bar. They enjoy their drinks as they listen to Irish music. That’s the second day.

Day 3.

In day’s three itinerary, the Connemara tour is the first thing. The picturesque view of the castle and a walk by Lake Kylemore is quite an experience. After they have had enough of the castle, the tour group is chauffeured to the Roundstone. It is an old village overlooking the Atlantic.

The highlight of the day is the Celtic Crossroads Show back in Galway. The musical extravaganza features the old Irish music to the modern beats. The guests then retire to the lodge.

Day 4.

The tour crew is Dublin bound. But not without deviating to Locke’s Distillery. The distillery ceased operations in 1957 after operating for two hundred years. Now it has been set up as museum to aid people appreciate how liquor was made in the old days.

The journey continues to Dublin. After checking in the hotels and relaxing a bit, the guests can have the city pub crawl experience. Dublin has in the excess of 800 licensed pubs. More than enough pubs to sample for the night.

Day 5.

Day 5 itinerary is centered in Dublin. The Ireland’s capital has many attractions. Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle or Phoenix Park.

The Guinness Storehouse visit is an important part of the Day’s activities. Guests get to know how the popular brand Guinness is made and even get an opportunity to taste it. The roof bar is uniquely attractive.

The afternoon is free and relaxed. The team are free to continue where they left the previous night and sample the variety of Dublin’s drinks. In evening they retire to their hotels.

Day 6.

Departure day. The chauffeur escorts the team to Dublin Airport and sees them off. That’s it.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that come with chauffeur driven pub crawl. One, it frees you to enjoy. No hustles trying to find directions or fixing the itinerary. Also, as part of the package you have a tour guide who can shed light on the things you will see during the journey, and give them an Irish context.

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