Small kitchen guidelines

Having a small kitchen can be hard for homeowners. If the space has too much going on, expect it look even smaller and give off a cluttered aura. Don’t worry though, if you keep reading, you will find some quick and simple guidelines that will open up your kitchen space. These tips are for anyone and everyone! There is no need to be a handyman or to hire a professional. Let us get started.

Color scheme

The first thing to look at is the color scheme you have going on in your kitchen. The key to visually enhancing your kitchen (making it look bigger than it actually is) is light and brightness. The perfect color will be white, but for many, that will be a boring color after a while. Remember that you can add a few accents with curtains and colored appliances, which we will talk about later on. White or light hued colors will give off a seamless appearance, which makes the room look bigger. Get those color samples from your local home department store and start looking for the right shade for you!


Most kitchens Ireland include a window. If your does not, you can keep skip to the next tip. If you have that window covered up all day, stop! Throw away the curtain or blinds (not really, only if they happen to be worn or torn) and let natural light drown your kitchen space for once. Natural lighting is a wonderful and easy way to enhance and lighten up a place. Not to mention that it saves you energy costs during the day because you will need less artificial lighting. If the window is too grand, you can always buy a tinting film for it to reduce glare, visibility, and light emittance.

Appliances/Countertops/Cabinet color

If you are a stylish person, you can easily blend the color scheme with a few contemporary appliances that pop a little bit of color into the otherwise all-white walls. Be mindful of how much color you add though. You must avoid tackiness and remember that the best overall look for your small kitchen should be seamless and open. Try going for an adjacent color scheme to keep the seamless idea going. That way you can avoid a monotonous kitchen but still harmonize the overall look.

Make people look straight ahead

The last guideline we will look at today is having eye-height structures. Drawing guest’s eyes up will give the illusion of added height, which in turn will make the space look bigger. To accomplish this there are a few tricks you can easily do. You can go for moldings (simple or detailed) or maybe some wine racks or pretty platters with dramatic lighting. If your ceiling is low, try flushing cabinets to the space that is left between the top of cabinets and the ceiling.

Whichever guideline or combination of guidelines you use will help enlarge your kitchen space. You can finally feel at ease with a few simple modifications that any average person can do. To summarize, remember that you need to choose bright, low-toned colors; you should uncover that window to let natural light come in; avoid overuse of contrasting color and try to pick adjacent ones; and, utilize the eye-high structure technique to draw attention upwards.

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